Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Waste not, want not

Posted today at Tapestry my blog about how not living a good story constitutes waste.

Waste feels cumulative, the way the movie WALL-E showed how mass consumption walls us in, leaving life that feels devoid of purpose, meaning and direction.

Comments about wealth, excess and waste welcomed and appreciated.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Savannah Smiles

Our nephew Steven and Kelly's wedding in Savannah, Georgia brought Texans and Californians, family and friends from everywhere to the deep South to share the joy of Bride and Groom.

Cheri, mother of the groom and my husband's sister, with her youngest son, Professor Steven

Groom's nephew, Anderson, pursued by paparazzi

… but he can't be bothered.

Groom and his dad await the bride's entrance.

Here comes the bride.

"I DO."
"I DO." I really do."

"With this ring …"

"You may kiss the bride." Perfect!

Mr. and Mrs., the two become one.

A real southern belle in a dress too pretty for pictures to capture.

This is my favorite candid:
Kelly looking at Steve and Steve trying not to look at Kelly.
Here's looking at you both, Kids.
Let them eat cake. Please, let them eat cake.

Brother of the groom and sister of the bride, aka. our adorable nephews, Steven and Dave

Dancing with David, proud father-in-law, who welcomes Kelly to the family.

Fabulous dancers.

And a happily ever after looks like this:

Friday, June 4, 2010

The Gutenberg Bible, the Printing Press, and Paper vs. Digital Devices

To read my Tapestry blog post, click on link to

Here are the pictures Erin took of the Gutenberg Bible when she visited NYC in April.

Just think how the printing of this Bible has changed the world.