Monday, January 24, 2011

Flowers for Algernon

Have you read the short story "Flowers for Algernon?"

Required reading for me in the 9th grade, several years later Cliff Robertson starred in a movie called Charly, available on Netflix, based on the prize-winning novel written after the success of the short story. 

Flowers made me remember Algernon, the name of the mouse.

As I searched for some pictures of flowers, it cheered me to remember some of the places I have gone and the things I have seen. Everywhere I go, I notice the flowers.

 Bird of Paradise, at Hotel Del Coronado in San Diego California

Pictures of this purple flower that looks like a cluster of bells and the succulent plants above, which grow in the sand along the beach, were also taken on Coronado Island.

These next three pictures I shot during hikes in the woods. 
The daisy, on a forest floor in either Colorado or New Mexico, has a tiny bug on it. The purple flower grows in A-lask-kaaah. I came across these blue flowers in the middle of Kauai island where the movie Jurassic Park was filmed.

Mary, Mary quite contrary
How does your garden grow? 

That's what I wonder when I see such beautiful flowers, vibrant colors.

   This peony popped up in our flower bed last summer. What a glorious surprise. 

This rose actually grew in my own backyard. 

In Dallas, though, not Lubbock. 

A rose is a rose is a rose … I can almost smell it. 

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Ender said...

Glad to see you're back. Great pictures and ideas.