Monday, May 2, 2011

The Royal Wedding in Pictures

"She wore the dress. The dress didn't wear her."

The Royal Wedding: Official Programme

The Official Royal Wedding Website

In the midst of our own family BIG-0 birthday celebrations for my husband and youngest daughter, The Royal Wedding took a recorded rather than live action priority. Wedding streamed from the Royal Channel on YouTube, this link lets you select portions of the coverage to replay.

Yes, I watched as much coverage as I could while baking and otherwise preparing for a house full of guests, my own version of bed, bath and body and beyond. I have no servants.

Still, I wanted to blog. I wanted to quote speeches and search for pictures that displayed the day's events from start to finish. Having visited London and walked through Westminster Abbey where so much English history is memorialized, I had plenty of scope for the imagination.

Here's a summary then of what commentators called "the wedding of the century," which of course means this century. Do the math. Nothing for the next 88 years can top this occasion. Apparently billions of people agree.

These are the best pictures I found, "The Big Picture" at

Other coverage noted as follows:

The Telegraph Coverage of the Wedding

ABC News photos of the Royal Wedding

The Reception Dress and other links via AOL

Wedding of the century indeed or perhaps, but such a statement made me think of a recent American Idol live broadcast when Jennifer Lopez referred to James Durbin's performance as the best of the night, and he was only the second person to perform. Or while awaiting the Royal Couple's much anticipated balcony kiss, one talking head predicted a "Hollywood style kiss full of passion" between William and Catherine. Ooops.

Chuckle and nod to hindsight when we climb out on a limb and carry our own saw.

Here's a link to Time magazine's Mad Hatters, also called "13 Ridiculous Royal Wedding Hats." I love hats.

Favorite quote: “When Princess Elizabeth, now Queen Elizabeth II, married Philip Mountbatten in November 1947, Winston Churchill welcomed the wedding as 'a flash of color on the hard road we travel.'”
Crowds gathered and behaved

Apparently billions of people agree that Prince William and Catherine's Royal Wedding brightens the current world scene, a flash of color set against the gloomy backdrop of killer tornadoes on this side of The Pond, earthquakes in various places as well as ongoing wars against terrorists.

Although unlikely that I will return to this topic, I do want to go on record: the wedding was SPLENDID.

We the people love our fairy tales.

And I hope that the prince and his bride live happily ever after.

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