Wednesday, May 13, 2009

For the Love of Smart

When I raced through the Lubbock Arts Festival with my daughter and three of her four children in tow—the 2-year-old twins in a stroller— the last thing I expected to buy was a poster. But this message struck a nerve:


you can’t spell smart without it

After four years spent getting a theological education at a campus where propositional truth reigns paramount, this visual aid reminded me of the importance of art. 

Art includes but is not limited to painting; architecture; photography; sculpting and glass works; needlework; drama or movie-making; music, whether composing, singing or conducting; dancing, and even writing. 

The idea behind all art is communication with the species.

At a time when schools face budget cuts, how often the arts program gets slashed if not eliminated. People who make such radical decisions can always spell smug.

And protestant churches have avoided, even disdained art, when in fact for hundreds of years the church had commissioned the world’s best art. What people attempt to save, they value.

Looking for a place to hang this work of art, numbered and signed by its creator, may this graphic idea take root, bear fruit and make us smart enough to love art. 

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