Friday, December 4, 2009

Tears On My Pillow

Last night's ABC News featured a follow-up story on Susan Boyle. The release this week of her debut album, "I Dreamed a Dream," went straight to the top of the pop charts––best-selling female singer debut ever.

Susan Boyle Shakes Up the Music World

Later, after returning from a meeting, I found this surprise on my pillow.

My husband had gone out in the cold, dark night with snow falling on glistening streets to make my birthday hold as much happiness as possible. I cried.

Thank you, sweet James.

Kudos that here the music-loving world has recognized in this video-driven age of celebrity illusion that talent comes in all sorts of packages.

A music industry spokesperson said, "She's not the most beautiful flower in the bouquet, but she's a special flower." Indeed.

She is, as my husband said, "the real deal," not a studio creation, but a testimony to the Creator's creativity.

Inside the CD cover, Susan wrote:
  "I would like to dedicate this Album to my beloved Mother, to whom I made a promise to 'be someone.'"

Her Mum lived to age 91.
Mid-life, Susan has become emblematic of dreaming dreams that may yet come true.

Our best dreams distill the hope of being someone, not to the anonymous masses, but as Victor Hugo wrote, to those who love us in spite of ourselves.

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