Saturday, March 20, 2010

A New Mrs. Frugé

Stephanie Reneé Reinhart became Mrs. Jordan Frugé a week ago today.

It seems so much longer ago––is it the time change? 

A Mary Poppins wedding, "practically perfect in every way."

Welcome to our family, Stephanie.

My pictures fail to capture how radiant Bride and Groom looked, how wonderful the ceremony was, and how much fun our whole family had throughout the wedding weekend in Horseshoe Bay. 

Here's a peak at a few pictures the wedding photographer took. 

Jordan's nephews, aka. my grandsons Beau and Beck, were Ring Bears. A surprise during the rehearsal, the twins played their parts and kept their secret, which was their mother's great idea. No costumes worn for the actual wedding though. 

No wedding is complete without its crisis and its hero. Here's Charlie, the guy who risked life and limb to break into Stephanie's house to retrieve her veil.

When Stephanie realized late Friday night that she had forgotten her veil in Houston, desperation led Jordan to tell Charlie to use a golf club to break a window. A vigilant neighbor stopped Charlie mid-entry––stopped him with a .357 Magnum pointed at his backside. 

This story has a happy ending. Charlie got the veil, he delivered it in time for the wedding, and Jordan and Stephanie via cell phone made fast friends with their new next door neighbor.  

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