Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Boys in a Tent

Should have known I was in for a treat when grandsons Beau and Beck arrived. Their mom said, "They dressed themselves."

Shirts and ties and sweats. Flip-flops and clogs. Their individuality shows. Their smiles make me glad.

At last, the search for the lost tent ends. And I knew when I grabbed my camera, a blog post would follow.
Space, the final frontier.

Spontaneous pose captured by a quick click.

Vantage points. I wonder how I looked to them?
Beau on the left, Beck on the right
Scout from behind
What next?
How do we get in?
This is a little tricky.
"We're in here."
Can you see? "I'm sideways."
"We didn't get enough sleep in the real night."

"We didn't get enough sleep in the real night." I love the way these boys put words together to express their thoughts. I don't think their parents ever get enough sleep in the real night.

"We're in our own igloo … This is for outside when it is snowing."

"If there was a storm, there would be no sun."

Plenty of sun around here though. Lubbock, America made the national news last night as an emblem of the drought in Texas. Reporting only .88 inches of rain so far this year, unprecedented since 1927, even Houston has received half of its normal rainfall to date.

Meanwhile, Memphis is drowning as the mighty Mississippi River flexes it muscles, flooding beyond its banks threatening cities all the way to New Orleans.

Thankfully, these boys in a tent remain free from adult anxieties. They don't watch the news.

Still for about 5 seconds

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