Sunday, January 1, 2012

Amaryllis by New Year's

The amaryllis surprises; the life is in the bulb.

Last year, the bulb I planted had no flowers. This one has three blossoms so far. A wonder to watch it open, it gets top-heavy and tips over so a stake and a tie help support the weight.

It's worth the wait.

A friend planted this bulb in a glass bowl and told me to water it with ice cubes, 4 or 5, a couple of times a week.

I started taking pictures every day after Christmas. It didn't take long to go from this . . .
 . . . to this.
 Aerial view.

 And now I can't decide which view I like best.

Here's a link to basic information about amaryllis bulbs because this glorious flower does all the work. No green thumb required.

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