Monday, October 1, 2012

The Time of My Life

A Fall Retreat

Solomon wrote in Ecclesiastes, "There is a time for everything and a season for every activity under heaven." But I never know for sure when I put something on my calendar whether that planned time and activity will come to pass.

In December, when invited to speak at the Melonie Park Women's Retreat scheduled the last weekend in September, those dates seemed like a mirage––the kind I used to see when walking across the Las Vegas, NV desert between grade school and home. Now that far off weekend has come and gone. And now I can give thanks for both the invitation and every provision along the way that made this special experience a part of my story.

As promised, because I got so many requests for the song lyrics I "sang" (to the tune of "My Favorite Things") and wrote to go along with an emphasis on reading, here you go. Thank you for the cheers and applause. I had no idea I'd written a hit.

My Favorite Books
Brothers Karamazov and Anna Karenina
Lord of the Rings and Chronicles of Narnia
To Kill a Mockingbird has what it took:
These are a few of my favorite books.

Gone with the Wind and A Room With a View
All of Jane Austen, What else could I do?
Look Homeward Angel, End of the Affair
Brideshead Revisited at least once a year.

Seabiscuit, Lindbergh, and Gift from the Sea
Gilead and Home and Cold Sassy Tree
Wuthering Heights and Angle of Repose
These are just some of my favorite prose.

When the rain comes
When the day’s long
When I’m feeling blue
I simply remember my favorite books
And then I know what to do.

At the retreat, I talked about time, and story and creativity. Soon, look for postings on my website, Footnotes to Stories, summaries of the 3 sessions covered in the workbook. "The Time of My Life––Ecclesiastes as Story," will continue to benefit from the comments and feedback I receive.


Thank you, Melonie Park Church, for the privilege of sharing with you at this annual event. And thanks too for the gracious hospitality extended to others who came from beyond Lubbock. Wonder if anyone got more sleep in the cabins than they would have at home?


The conference center at Ceta Canyon made a wonderful backdrop for a weekend getaway. It even rained, giving us cooler temperatures and that first bite of fall.

Things to Do

A Minute-to-win-it: Empty a box of Kleenex with one hand.
Creative method: hold the box down with body parts, but not the other hand. Clever girl.

Another Minute-to-Win-It

I'm forever blowing bubbles …
 … first person to empty the bottle wins.

These girls had to bounce out 8 ping pong balls from the box tied to their hips. Wiggle, wiggle, hop, hop.
Because women have to keep so many balls in the air, here, try this.

That's my girl, daughter Erin. So competitive.

Of course, I wasn't surprised that Erin won.

Retreat is a Treat

And beside quiet times and hikes and meals and snacks and crafts, hours of conversation filled every free moment. So much scope for the imagination. So many stories to tell. And hear.

Time, the way we spend it, reveals what we value.

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