Thursday, February 10, 2011

A word about other blogs

My granddad and I shared the same birthday
Faithful Readers,

Reportedly, there are now more bloggers than blog readers.
If you are still reading, you may have noticed the blogs I follow. Looking at that list may strike you as a bit eclectic. It is. I am.

The Pioneer Woman and Bakerella

While most of my blog reading trends toward writing, you will see that The Pioneer Woman and Bakerella relate to cooking and photography.

What's not to love about The Pioneer Woman? Creative, upbeat and humorous, Ree Drummond provides the perfect antidote to the sky is falling. If the sky did fall, Ree would find a way to make something wonderful out of the pieces.

Bakerella, just in time for Valentine's Day, is new to me. Already my daughter has made cake pops. And I love that this clever girl just does what she loves and takes the time to share with others recipes, pictures and her ideas.

Nathan Bransford

My son, the reader, suggested I check out Nathan Bransford. He's cool. Nathan, not my son. Oh well, my son is cool too but he has yet to launch a blog because he spends so much time reading.

Today Nathan wrote about writers, in particular their striving to make something change. Referring to The Great Gatsby, which Nathan has just reread, "there has to be a pretty intense fire burning inside you to devote the amount of time it takes to write one [a book] … writing is an act of getting down on your hands and knees and hoping the world spins on a slightly different axis. It's the art of not taking life for granted and trying to make something, anything change."

That pretty much says it for me, the hands and knees part, and about not taking life for granted.

Aspire2 and RetroChristianity

Two of my favorite professors from Dallas Theological Seminary blog.

The blog Aspire2, written by Sandi Glahn, who besides working as an adjunct professor at Dallas Theological Seminary, she nears completion of a PhD from UTD.

Sandi taught a couple of the writing classes I took at DTS: Journalism and Advanced Creative Writing. Both classes gave me a much-needed sense of direction and redeemed my time at DTS. Sandi also co-taught the Preaching class my Master's degree in Media and Communication required. There, she played an even more pivotal role as friend.

Sandi also writes regularly for the Tapestry blog on, a site that has world-wide readership. I took the pictures of doors used on the Women's page, and occasionally I blog as a substitute.

Mike Svigel, who teaches in the theology department recently updated his RetroChristianity blog, accounting for his long absence because he has written another book. Can't wait to read it. This guy is brilliant and grounded. A student of real life, not simply ideas in books, he doesn't blow smoke.

Rachelle Gardner, Literary Agent

While I keep working to complete a manuscript, I follow Rachelle Gardner's blog. She's an agent. Don't have an agent. Don't know if I will ever need one. Don't know if I will ever finish this book. But Rachelle offers lots of good advice for writers, would-be and otherwise.

Chip MacGregor

Agent Chip MacGregor wrote a blog that I read for ages, and when he up an quit a few months ago, I thought, whoa. Blogs are so yesteryear. That post combined with the holidays derailed my blogging engine.

Keepin' it simple, I stop short of endorsing a bazillion other blogs. If I blog too much or read too many blogs, I will never finish writing this book. It's easier to blog, because deadlines tell me when to stop.

Ho, hum. For now, I will keep reading, writing and stretching my creative muscles to build a blog. Whether or not I have that intense fire burning inside, these few blogs serve as my Energizer to keep going.

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