Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Nikki Heated

Continued from yesterday's post, my Nikki Heat story has a happy ending. Usually try to save the best for last, but this iPhone photo tells a better story than all the rest.

Beau and Beck have to wait for Gran's rolls
Lightly flour work surface and rolling pin
Plop out the dough and start rolling into a rectangle

An imperfect rectangle, I might add. Then slather with REAL butter, room temperature.

Mix high quality cinnamon and sugar, about half and half.

Spread to within an inch or half-inch on all sides.

Start rolling along wide side of rolled-out  dough.

Gently, so the sugar and cinnamon stay put.

There you go. Press seam into dough before cutting.

Cut about one-inch wide slices and leave room for rolls to rise. Cover with a towel and let rise overnight.

In the morning, voila. Ready to bake.

350 degrees for 15–18 minutes. Do not over bake.

Baby Bear porridge: just right

Glaze: 2 T. butter, 2 T. milk, 1 t. vanilla, 1 1/2 c. powdered sugar

Keep stirring

Stir until smooth and not a bit grainy.

Start icing while rolls are still warm.

There will be "orpha-lans"–end pieces and ugly rolls that don't fit in the pan.


Share these delectable rolls so that you don't wind up on The Biggest Loser.

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