Monday, February 25, 2013

Oscar Highlights 2013

A Night to Remember

Cheri and brother, James (my husband)

My sister-in-law Cheri speaks into the microphone (not pictured) to describe her elation at winning an Oscar after 10 years of trying. 

The 3 of us tied for 1st place, so Cheri and I each will keep Oscar for 6 months. Yes, there was money on the line, too.

Wait for it. Wait for it … The Academy Awards start at 5:30 in California

Movie lovers await "The envelope, please."

Mostly Pictures of Moving Pictures

Hollywood In Crowd gathers for gala

A new host changing the course of Oscar history? The worst? Or not?

Ted says, Oh yeah?

Seth McFarlane's Room with a View

William Shatner's Star Trek view from the future

An expressive guy

If you can make these guys laugh, you're In Like Flint.

Emmanuel Riva, nominated for her role in Amour, celebrated her 86th birthday at the 85th Academy Awards, giving a unique perspective to the aging Oscar. 

Jennifer Lawrence survived Hunger Games to experience a knot in her stomach as she awaits one of the evening's last awards

Retrospect: 50 years of Bond films. Never say Never as Skyfall made Oscar history. 

A stiff Ben Affleck as an award presenter looks as if he's Waiting to Exhale

A relieved Ben Affleck accepts his Oscar for Best Picture 2012, Argo.

Best Acceptance Speeches

Best Supporting Actress Anne Hathaway wins for her role as Fantine in Les Miserables.

Anne called husband Adam Shulman her "soul mate."

Anne Hathaway, the eyes have it. 

Hugh Jackson, who played Jean-Valjean, looked genuinely pleased for his co-star and she said she would not have won the award but for his generosity as an actor.

Quentin Tarantino looks as if he couldn't be happier.

Quentin Tarrantino paid tribute to writers since he knows the challenge of facing the blank page. 

Hollywood aristocrats Michael Douglas and Jane Fonda make an appearance

Ready for my close up, Mr. De Mille.

Daniel Day Lewis thanked his wife Rebecca Miller for putting up with the very strange men she has lived with––a reference to method acting, the way he becomes the character he portrays.

What's his name? Into the galaxy's Black Hole that devours luminous stars, last year's Best Actor winner for his role in The Artist illustrates that winning an Oscar does not guarantee future roles.

Jennifer Lawrence in her Dior gown tripped on the stairs but quickly composed herself before a supportive audience. "You guys are just standing up because you feel bad that I fell and that's really embarrassing."

Jennifer's co-stars exude their approval of the young actress.

Here's the shell-shocked shot. And didn't Jennifer thank Meryl Streep for not being nominated in the Best Actress category?

And speaking of Streep, she looked great.




A winner even when he doesn't win the Best Picture or Director award, Steven Spielberg is proud of his Lincoln.

And Daniel Day-Lewis got the laughs when he said that wires got crossed. Spielberg had intended for him to play Margaret Thatcher and Meryl would play Lincoln.

Yeah, right.

Screen wife Sally Field who played Mary Lincoln and Daniel's wife Rebecca Miller 

Eidelweiss: Does Russell Crowe look happy to greet anyone?

He's back. Jack Nicholson loves to spring a surprise.

First Lady got to open the envelope and announce the Best Picture.

Grant Heslov and George Clooney hold Oscars before stepping aside to let Ben Affleck speak

Co-Producers of Argo share the moment of vindication for Ben Affleck, who despite being overlooked in the Best Director category, takes home an Oscar for Best Picture of 2012.

Who's sorry now?

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