Saturday, February 7, 2009

25 Random Things about Me

Requests and reactions on Facebook enticed me to share with blog readers. I made a few editorial corrections. Anything you think should I write about? 

  1. Once the FBI stalked me on the Desert Inn Golf Course before capturing me, saying I could have been shot for running around on the course after dark. I had ventured from Senator Brown’s house, where my mom and I were house-sitting, to look at the back of Pearl Bailey’s house.
  2. I ran away from home twice before I was 10-years-old.
  3. I married the guy who in high school signed my annual, “I don’t know you very well, but …”
  4. I saw Ella Fitzgerald perform at the Flamingo Hotel. She came to our table and signed a card to me, which I still have.
  5. I tried to walk from Las Vegas to Lake Mead. See # 2.
  6. Twice I got hit by a car while crossing the street. Different cars. Different cities. Ten years apart. Hospitalized both times. Wary of years ending with six.
  7. I know all the original Mickey Mouse Club days of the week songs by heart.
  8. A horse once dragged me under a tree limb when he failed to buck me off. I laid back flat on the horse’s rump to escape the hanging tree with only scrapes, bruises and a torn shirt.
  9. I had the lead in my high school senior play.
  10. I won a Dallas speech tournament for a Dramatic Interpretation from Gone With the Wind in which I portrayed Mammy and Scarlet.
  11. I have taken hundreds of photos in cemeteries.
  12. I love Paris.
  13. I like to camp.
  14. My husband and I are still best friends with a couple we were best friends with in high school.
  15. I attended at least 19 different schools by the time I graduated from high school.
  16. A packer of suitcases and slammer of doors, I love to travel but hate airports.
  17. I think people are the most fascinating creatures on the planet.
  18. My great, great aunt was the outlaw Belle Star. A distant cousin rode with Jesse James. When I met my mother’s Aunt Thelma, she still lived in the house where Bonnie and Clyde had visited her.
  19. I graduated 8th grade from El Rodeo School in Beverly Hills, CA where Debbie Reynolds, Dean Martin and Walt Disney attended our spring musical.
  20. My 9th grade English teacher accused me of plagiarism for my report on Wuthering Heights. He said, “Thank you, Clifton Fadiman.”
  21. He apologized when I told him I had met Clifton Fadiman because he came to our English literature class in Beverly Hills.
  22. I got suspended for three days in the 9th grade for taking pictures in the girl’s locker room; not because the pictures were naughty, the Principal said, but to make people quit talking. See #s 17 &18.
  23. When she was “The Flying Nun,” I met Sally Field in a hardware store in Thousand Oaks, CA. She signed the back of a package of nails and I wondered if she thought, “That girl looks like me.”
  24. At summer camp in 7th grade, I learned a song about the Titanic that I can still sing today, a song I remember because the Camp Director knew people who had died when the ship sank. Distraught, she stopped our performance. How could I forget?
  25. My four children attended the same schools from first grade through high school graduation, realizing my dream of living in one place instead of moving around. We joked that we had more pictures of the elementary school principal than his wife did.

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