Tuesday, February 17, 2009

"So What Does It All Mean?"

This YouTube video arrived in my email today reinforcing the message I got from the book It's All Too Much. Whereas the book concerns the stuff that surrounds and clutters our houses,the video illustrates how information proliferation at exponential speed crowds our minds, displacing who knows what. 

I saved an article from the Dallas Morning News written over a year ago, January 6, 2008. In it Rod Dreher said, "I am becoming the ideal 21st century American: a soft-bellied physical slacker who knows everything going on right this very second but understands less and less of it. Information is not the same thing as knowledge, and 'data' is not a synonym for wisdom." 

Selah, a word occurring throughout the book of Psalms, means stop and think about it. I'm thinking that STOP may mean just that. 

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