Sunday, February 8, 2009

Portraits vs. Pictures

If you have any interest in a few celebrities nominated this year for Academy Awards or if you would like to see some fabulous unposed portrait photography, take a look. The audio commentary is interesting as well, lasts about a minute for each, but it's easy to skip if you just want to view the images. 

Note the wallpaper inside the Beverly Hills Hotel. Lots of details in pictures add to the 

stories. Although post-production work done on these images makes for a lot of the effect––e.g. vignetting––the use of light and reflections is stunning. 


Ender said...

I think it's ironic how movie stars want to be shown/considered as normal people, which they are, but that's maybe something they've given up for their success. It's the realization upon gaining something long desired, that it isn't what you'd thought it to be. Kinda like our "chickens", which have turned out to be roosters. Very loud, early-rising roosters.

Carol said...

A perfect analogy. LOL.