Friday, June 12, 2009

Ava Falava at the Beach

As soon as Ava Falava gets home from the beach, she starts packing for next year. A packer of suitcases, a slammer of drawers, Ava Falava knows what she likes.

Leaving Alavama tomorrow, I know that Ava will pack her red suitcase as soon as her clothes get washed. She will talk about the beach to everyone who will listen.

Ava loves the sand on her body, the sun bleaching her hair and the salt on her face. Last summer when she was four-years-old, she said, "Gran, the beach was yummy this year."

As soon as we got here, Ava said, "I wonder what the beach will taste like this year."

Maybe next year, my book will get published.

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