Thursday, January 7, 2010

A Story Footnote

Surprised by the kitten who popped out of the box, Ava loves her new pet.

Kitty spent the first night in her new home sleeping in a pink crate on the nightstand next to Ava's bed.

Ava read to her kitty two books about home safety "so she would know what to do."

Ava asked Mom, "Should I say meow or read to her in English?"

Fellow Reader, how would you answer that question?


Sheridan said...

Carol, I would tell Ava that it is always good to know another language and to read to her kitten in English. That's my "two cents". Love you, Sheridan

Sheridan said...

Carol, I think that Ava should know that it is good to know more than one language & should read to her kitten in English. Love you, Sheridan